Saturday, August 4, 2018

Shine on

With Jesus alive inside of us, we are going to run into opposition.  That's a given.  However, we are also going to run into plenty of opportunity for Him to shine forth through us!

My Best Friend, He accompanies

but all throughout the day.
I count on Him to keep me steady
on the Narrow Way.
He opens and He closes doors,
He speaks into my heart;
Jesus--He is my best friend,
and we shall never part!

Our friendship comes to mind now as
the day comes to an end
and I think about how many I see
in need of such a friend!
Among the many hundreds I see
all throughout the day,
so many need this Friend of mine
to help them on the way!
And Christ has opportunity
to be upon display
as I interact with them--
in what I do and say.
It is a calling that I do not
take for granted ever!
You have that calling also, friend;
shirk from that mantle never!

I am called.  You are called.  WE are called unto a hungry, thirsty, dying world to share the Life of the Good News...just by allowing Jesus to shine through us!

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