Thursday, August 2, 2018

Out to Lunch

"A breath of fresh air..."
You know, that feeling you get when you see someone again after a long time?  God, so generously, arranges those divine appointments...if you are open to them.

Back in touch with one with whom
I had spent so much time.
"Schedules and the daily grind,"
the culprit of the crime!
But lunch today with one so close
to put all that behind;
and purposed we to, much more often,
that blessed time to find!

So busy are the days that are
that such a this is lost.
We must MAKE TIME for one another,
regardless of the cost.
Each of us NEED one another
for fellowship and support!
And poor is him who wants no one
to whom he can resort!

God made us each to fellowship
with Him and with each other.
Be grateful thus that you have someone
that you can call "brother!"
I saw another one today
and grateful be my heart.
And when tomorrow comes, may I,
the very same, impart!

Thanks for lunch today, Craig.  What a blessing it was to catch up after too many years of "busyness."
Can any of you think of anyone in your life that needs such a break from "routine?  Call them.  Visit them.  Take them out to lunch!

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