Tuesday, August 21, 2018


One of the most dangerous places to be in your walk with God is that point where you think you've seen it all. For it is then that apathy sets in, and His ability to use you and show you new things dwindles.  Remember, "His mercies are newer every morning..."

"You are the same at all times says Your Word;

But every day, new mercies are occurred!
We cannot have the "same old..." attitude
while expecting fresh, life-giving food!
Father God--original each day;

even at all times You are The Way!
There is no time or season that is "old,"
You've always something glorious to behold!

Therefore, do we press on as we are led.

By You, Father, we are even fed!
You show...You give...You constantly amaze
throughout each and all our earthly days!
And then, there in That Place You have in store
we will be amazed yet even more
as everything unto us will be new!
God, oh Father God, there's none like You!"

"Same old, same old...?" Don't let yourself fall into that trap! Tell God honestly if you feel that way and He will personally help you out of it! For He made this life to be so much more for you! Let Him!


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