Monday, August 20, 2018

Missing Words

Ever get into a conversation with a FRIEND and run out of things to say? I've talked to a lot of people of late who tell me that they just run out of things to say when they pray. Don't forget, Jesus is your Best friend and, sometimes, it helps to just be with Him and "listen."
How do I pray when I can't find a word...
what do I say to Him when that's occurred?
Do I recite or repeat from someone other?
But Christ--He understands--He is my brother!
He knows my heart, even if words do not.
The truth of my emotions He has got.
He listens to whatever I may say,
and He responds to me in His Own way.

How do you pray when you can't find a word?
Tell Him that much and watch what is occurred!
He listens to your heart more than your tongue;
so there is not a heartfelt prayer that's "wrong!
Talk to Him. He longs to hear your voice.
And even if you feel your words aren't "choice,"
He will answer even the slightest prayer
because He holds you firmly in His care!

Don't let anything hinder that sweet communication God gives us called "prayer." Not only does He listen and respond, he DESIRES to hear from you! Even if you're not the most gifted communicator, He doesn't care! He only wants to fellowship with you. Go for it!

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