Saturday, August 25, 2018


How many are they that come to the end of the day saying "I'm glad that's over!" or "Lord, please return so I don't have to go through another day like today?"
Of a truth, the Word of God exhorts us to pray "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!" And He will! But there is plenty of work that must be done until then.

Occupying 'til that time
He promised that would be.
Doing all we can as we
are led to victory!
Some days have their share of setbacks,
but do not give up!
Make time to be with God each day
to fellowship and sup.
For in that time will be renewed
abilities and strength.
He knows the days that we go through,
He knows about their length;
He also knows how to restore
our joy, our drive, our hope;
it is that time with Him that so
enables us to cope!
And "coping" is not all we do,
we also there progress.
He gives us even more, that we
are able, too, to bless!
Enjoy that time with Him, knowing
That Day does fast approach;
and let those things that seek to hinder
not even encroach!

Yes, the days that are can be complicated. But God is fully aware of it all and He has perfect days awaiting. Keep pressing on!

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