Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life of Wonder!

Life.  Again today. And it is different for each of us.  But there is one constant in this life no matter where we are--God is involved!  Just look around you...

"Once again, the awe of your creation,
it is in vision as we look around!
We do not have to take a trip to "somewhere"
for Your very touch, Lord, to be found!
It's in the trees...it's in the fields yonder...
it's in the mountains...it is in the skies...
and, certainly, as I look at my brother,
I can see You in His very eyes!

For You are so involved with us, oh Father;
how can a person say "There is no God?"
For there is nowhere that I cannot sense You;
therefore, my heart and soul send out applause!
O be so evident even in this man,
that others draw to Your reality
and allow You to be involved with them--
for therein lies the greatest victory!"

The awe and splendor of creation?  But YOU are His creation also!  Involve God in in all of your daily life and behold the wonder of His moving even through you!

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