Sunday, August 19, 2018

Keep Standing!

Peace. Even when things around you or inside you are not peaceful. It is only possible with Jesus inside your heart.

The storm, it roars and rolls...
even life, it quakes!
But Who's at the controls
but all the difference makes!
Every day has challenges,
some seen, others not;
but when You are a child of God
Perfect Peace you've got!

Not everything is perfect,
but Jesus--He is there.
"Disaster" happens suddenly--
Christ has you in His care!
Shaken even to the core of what
you think you understand,
if you are His, you are secure
inside His very hand!

Much of life is yet unknown,
but not to God Most High.
He knows the future, and you are
the apple of His eye!
That storm ahead is daunting and
the news is everywhere;
but look into the eyes of Jesus
and see yourself there!

The lightning strikes...the thunder rolls...the wind may even shake you to the very foundation...BUT GOD IS FULLY AWARE OF IT AND HAS A PLAN!! He has not given up on you. Don't give up on Him!

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