Thursday, August 16, 2018

Keep singing!

It seems that, with each day that goes by, the world gets busier, more crowded and, in a lot of cases, more apathetic. However, life is still beautiful, still worth living, and YOU are still very loved!
"The world--it goes and goes...
Your love--it grows and grows!
The busier all things become,
Lord Jesus, You remain The Sum!
You see it all and what will be,
and You still cling to such as we;
You even offer Your embrace
to any seeking love and grace!

How many days? You only know;
and You allow us yet to grow
in Who You are and what You do,
that each of us be more like You!
In spite of times and days that are,
You promise, coming soon, You are;
and to that promise we so cling
as, Your love, we proclaim and sing!"

No matter how busy and crowded your world becomes, there is ALWAYS room at the Cross for you! Don't let anything or anyone deny you that blessing, and continue to love and care for others!

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