Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hone that Gift!

How can I go on writing these messages from God if I don't MAKE time to spend with Him during the day to receive them?
How full is your schedule?

Once again, with pen in hand,
waiting for His word.
Knowing I'll receive when
revelation is occurred.
But He is not "obligated"
to provide a thing!
Do I take for granted this
anointed, hallowed thing?
Obligated? No. But blessed
am I to hear His voice!
To write things down from Him that make men,
Faithful is He to provide
the words that fill these lines;
and grateful I that "talent" thus
He constantly refines!

YOU are gifted also by
the one and only God.
Discover those gifts in yourself
and use them for His laud!
He gives them freely to the ones
who always seek His face;
He gives them freely unto us
from His abundant grace!

Yes, even you have a God-given talent or ability. But you must spend time with God so He can teach you how to use that to benefit your brother and so draw Him closer to the One, true God! 

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