Wednesday, August 8, 2018

God Understands

Tired...weary...worn...God understands.
"You know the many things this life requires;
You continue loving and providing.
You know how often this old body tires;
(from that fact, there is not any hiding!)
You know and yet You keep us in this calling,
giving things that no one else can give!
You know ALL, my Father, and You keep us...
for there is but one other way to live!
And when That Trumpet sounds, that Life will be here--
no more struggles, challenges or pain!
You promised us a life with You in Heaven,
Your Living Word, it makes that very plain!
So we press on in all the strength You give us
in opportunities that vast abound,
knowing that, beyond what lies before us,
Your healing and Your wholeness will be found!
A lot of us won't admit it, but we do have limitations. Some of us have physical limitations. And, again, God understands that and compensates for us in ways that some of us cannot even imagine.
Stand back some time and watch the hand of God at work in and around your life. It just might amaze you!

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