Sunday, August 26, 2018

Early Evening

God has created so many wonderful people, places and things to enjoy here in this place. And He said that it will not compare to Heaven?!
I so look forward to that eternal paradise, but I do not lose sight of His incredible touches to the part of the world He has put me in...

In the early evening with
the shadows growing long,
I listen to the birds aloft
who can't contain their song!
I watch the little hummingbirds
as they dive and duel,
all to get a tiny sip
of that so sweet of fuel!

Day is winding down, and chores,
they are completely done
as I enjoy this paradise
with Jesus Christ, The Son!
He spends time with me anytime
I call upon His Name,
and He makes sure that there is cause
for me to praise His Name!
Even little hummingbirds
that entertain unknowing.
Just one more proof of His creative
artistry in showing.
God--so very generous...
God--so very real!
See Him in your own world and
submit to His appeal!

A simple, little hummingbird. A major incident inside a very busy world.
Have you got time to see Him in such minute details?

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