Friday, August 3, 2018

Doing what we should

So many opportunities to minister present themselves to us during the day. Of course, the pastor has duties that are expected of him, but WE are The Church. Rise to the occasion!

Someone is needing hope tonight,
where are they going to go...
Somebody needs a friend tonight,
is it someone you know?
Somebody out there has a need
that God is going to meet;
He'll use you to if you will let Him,
and He'll be discreet.

Too often I see someone and say
"I will pray for you..."
instead of taking time to do
what God wants me to do.
"I'll pray for you..." has thus become
a way to get away;
Deeds are much more powerful
than words this present day!

Surely, there are those that merely
need a listening ear;
more often, though, we have the means
to rightly persevere!
Do everything you can, my friend,
and God will do the rest;
not only will you bless someone,
but you, too, will be blessed!

We must be very careful to follow through when we tell someone that we will pray for them. They are depending on and trusting in God. But what if it is a need that we ourselves can meet right then and there? Could God have sent them to us just for that purpose?
Only you can answer that.

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