Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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What will happen today?

A lot of things will happen today because of what each of us do. But what is our motive in such and where is our heart?
If what we say and do are not done for God's glory...then we already have reward in full.

So many opportunities
present themselves once more.
They must be done to profit HIM,
lest what are they good for?
More and more in these late days
it's "Look what I have done!"
When what we do or say should really
glorify The Son!

So very much the world avails

to feed and stroke our pride;
but God sees EVERY motive and
He KNOWS what is inside!
Even writing messages
to glorify His Name
or lift others up, this man,
humility, must claim!

So easy is it to soak in
the accolades of man.
Bring you down to ruin, oh,
the very same, they can!
Deflect the praises and the glory of
the gifts that He does give
back at Him, and He'll prosper you,
and see that you so live!

We are a gifted people. Each and every one of us. But we tread dangerous ground if we bask in the praises and the glories of what He gives us to bring Himself glory!
Check your pride at the door wherever you go!

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