Monday, August 6, 2018

Always Amazing!

It is always amazing to me that God places certain people at certain places in our lives for certain situations. It amazes me...but it shouldn't. May we never grow weary of His amazing ways!
He sees the needs that we will have
as long as we shall live;
He knows the answers to them--
what we'll get and who will give!
No thing at all surprises Him,
He knew it all along;
so know Your cares are in His hand
and join that Heaven Song!

The need comes up, and He supplies,
and even goes beyond!
His ways are so amazing--
all because He is so fond!
His love supplies and blesses,
His grace, it covers all;
make haste to open up YOUR heart
and answer to His call!

So much we do not understand,
yet He stays in control;
so much goes on beyond ourselves,
but He retains our soul!
Relax in Him as best you can
in spite of living here;
HE KNOWS, and Heaven so awaits
for those who persevere!

I don't know what all your needs and wants don't know what all my needs and wants are, but this I know for sure: God is fully aware of each of our lives, and He will NEVER fail!

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