Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back to Motives

What will happen today?

A lot of things will happen today because of what each of us do. But what is our motive in such and where is our heart?
If what we say and do are not done for God's glory...then we already have reward in full.

So many opportunities
present themselves once more.
They must be done to profit HIM,
lest what are they good for?
More and more in these late days
it's "Look what I have done!"
When what we do or say should really
glorify The Son!

So very much the world avails

to feed and stroke our pride;
but God sees EVERY motive and
He KNOWS what is inside!
Even writing messages
to glorify His Name
or lift others up, this man,
humility, must claim!

So easy is it to soak in
the accolades of man.
Bring you down to ruin, oh,
the very same, they can!
Deflect the praises and the glory of
the gifts that He does give
back at Him, and He'll prosper you,
and see that you so live!

We are a gifted people. Each and every one of us. But we tread dangerous ground if we bask in the praises and the glories of what He gives us to bring Himself glory!
Check your pride at the door wherever you go!

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Full Day

A thousand things affect each of us in our daily lives. There are, however, that many things and more that affect life that very few take note of. We must take time to!

Days and hours and minutes...
moments come and go;
there is so much of His arrangement
yet so few would know!
Even that which happens to you
all throughout the day,
He is aware of and He cares,
and wants to hear you say!

Make prayer a "conversation,"
and not a "monologue!"
The "busyness" will make more sense,
your mind to then unclog.
He listens and He answers,
He guides you and escorts;
most wait until talking with God
is of their last resorts!
But God is ALWAYS with you
and very much aware.
Realize Him and His touches
and show Him you care!
You know He will not leave your side-
that fact is very set;
relax into His care for you
and, farther, you will get!

Life is full. Your life may be more than full. But God has designed each of our days to be enjoyed...not merely "endured." Yes, do all that you can do with the time allotted you, but also use some of that time to enjoy Him and His creation!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Early Evening

God has created so many wonderful people, places and things to enjoy here in this place. And He said that it will not compare to Heaven?!
I so look forward to that eternal paradise, but I do not lose sight of His incredible touches to the part of the world He has put me in...

In the early evening with
the shadows growing long,
I listen to the birds aloft
who can't contain their song!
I watch the little hummingbirds
as they dive and duel,
all to get a tiny sip
of that so sweet of fuel!

Day is winding down, and chores,
they are completely done
as I enjoy this paradise
with Jesus Christ, The Son!
He spends time with me anytime
I call upon His Name,
and He makes sure that there is cause
for me to praise His Name!
Even little hummingbirds
that entertain unknowing.
Just one more proof of His creative
artistry in showing.
God--so very generous...
God--so very real!
See Him in your own world and
submit to His appeal!

A simple, little hummingbird. A major incident inside a very busy world.
Have you got time to see Him in such minute details?

Saturday, August 25, 2018


How many are they that come to the end of the day saying "I'm glad that's over!" or "Lord, please return so I don't have to go through another day like today?"
Of a truth, the Word of God exhorts us to pray "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!" And He will! But there is plenty of work that must be done until then.

Occupying 'til that time
He promised that would be.
Doing all we can as we
are led to victory!
Some days have their share of setbacks,
but do not give up!
Make time to be with God each day
to fellowship and sup.
For in that time will be renewed
abilities and strength.
He knows the days that we go through,
He knows about their length;
He also knows how to restore
our joy, our drive, our hope;
it is that time with Him that so
enables us to cope!
And "coping" is not all we do,
we also there progress.
He gives us even more, that we
are able, too, to bless!
Enjoy that time with Him, knowing
That Day does fast approach;
and let those things that seek to hinder
not even encroach!

Yes, the days that are can be complicated. But God is fully aware of it all and He has perfect days awaiting. Keep pressing on!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Perfect Ending

Another beautiful summer evening. What a beautiful end to a very busy day...

The setting sun is winking through the trees;
very slight and perfect is the breeze;
the heat has gone its way, (though briefly so;)
now evening and rest is life to know.

Creator God--the same forevermore;
yet every moment newness is in store!
Not ever is "another boring day..."
as long as there is Christ--the Living Way!
And He is right here, watching it with me--
the setting of the sun beyond that tree;
There be no greater way to end the day
than time with Him--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

A busy day it was. Time to relax. Time to spend with family. And time to spend with the One Who is always right with me through all of the
busyness--my Lord Jesus!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hone that Gift!

How can I go on writing these messages from God if I don't MAKE time to spend with Him during the day to receive them?
How full is your schedule?

Once again, with pen in hand,
waiting for His word.
Knowing I'll receive when
revelation is occurred.
But He is not "obligated"
to provide a thing!
Do I take for granted this
anointed, hallowed thing?
Obligated? No. But blessed
am I to hear His voice!
To write things down from Him that make men,
Faithful is He to provide
the words that fill these lines;
and grateful I that "talent" thus
He constantly refines!

YOU are gifted also by
the one and only God.
Discover those gifts in yourself
and use them for His laud!
He gives them freely to the ones
who always seek His face;
He gives them freely unto us
from His abundant grace!

Yes, even you have a God-given talent or ability. But you must spend time with God so He can teach you how to use that to benefit your brother and so draw Him closer to the One, true God! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


One of the most dangerous places to be in your walk with God is that point where you think you've seen it all. For it is then that apathy sets in, and His ability to use you and show you new things dwindles.  Remember, "His mercies are newer every morning..."

"You are the same at all times says Your Word;

But every day, new mercies are occurred!
We cannot have the "same old..." attitude
while expecting fresh, life-giving food!
Father God--original each day;

even at all times You are The Way!
There is no time or season that is "old,"
You've always something glorious to behold!

Therefore, do we press on as we are led.

By You, Father, we are even fed!
You show...You give...You constantly amaze
throughout each and all our earthly days!
And then, there in That Place You have in store
we will be amazed yet even more
as everything unto us will be new!
God, oh Father God, there's none like You!"

"Same old, same old...?" Don't let yourself fall into that trap! Tell God honestly if you feel that way and He will personally help you out of it! For He made this life to be so much more for you! Let Him!


Monday, August 20, 2018

Missing Words

Ever get into a conversation with a FRIEND and run out of things to say? I've talked to a lot of people of late who tell me that they just run out of things to say when they pray. Don't forget, Jesus is your Best friend and, sometimes, it helps to just be with Him and "listen."
How do I pray when I can't find a word...
what do I say to Him when that's occurred?
Do I recite or repeat from someone other?
But Christ--He understands--He is my brother!
He knows my heart, even if words do not.
The truth of my emotions He has got.
He listens to whatever I may say,
and He responds to me in His Own way.

How do you pray when you can't find a word?
Tell Him that much and watch what is occurred!
He listens to your heart more than your tongue;
so there is not a heartfelt prayer that's "wrong!
Talk to Him. He longs to hear your voice.
And even if you feel your words aren't "choice,"
He will answer even the slightest prayer
because He holds you firmly in His care!

Don't let anything hinder that sweet communication God gives us called "prayer." Not only does He listen and respond, he DESIRES to hear from you! Even if you're not the most gifted communicator, He doesn't care! He only wants to fellowship with you. Go for it!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Keep Standing!

Peace. Even when things around you or inside you are not peaceful. It is only possible with Jesus inside your heart.

The storm, it roars and rolls...
even life, it quakes!
But Who's at the controls
but all the difference makes!
Every day has challenges,
some seen, others not;
but when You are a child of God
Perfect Peace you've got!

Not everything is perfect,
but Jesus--He is there.
"Disaster" happens suddenly--
Christ has you in His care!
Shaken even to the core of what
you think you understand,
if you are His, you are secure
inside His very hand!

Much of life is yet unknown,
but not to God Most High.
He knows the future, and you are
the apple of His eye!
That storm ahead is daunting and
the news is everywhere;
but look into the eyes of Jesus
and see yourself there!

The lightning strikes...the thunder rolls...the wind may even shake you to the very foundation...BUT GOD IS FULLY AWARE OF IT AND HAS A PLAN!! He has not given up on you. Don't give up on Him!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

That Leading

So very fortunate is this man to have a small part in touching lives. For a few hours each week, I represent a world-wide corporation. However, for those hours, (and the rest of the hours in the week,) I also represent Jesus. I am always amazed at how He shows up in different situations!

At the window once again,
reaching out my hand.
I'm there to get their money, but
to also take a stand.
Am I different from the other
ones who take the cash?
Maybe not, but God is
glorified amidst the dash!

A note gets handed to me,
"Here, this is for you."
I put it in my pocket until
I have time to view.
It is a prayer request for someone,
or someone reaching out;
whatever be the need they have,
they trust and do not doubt.

So blessed to be available
for God the Father's use!
He calls us, one and all, with purpose,
but some find excuse.
What if every one of us
would answer to That Call?
A very different, better world
it would be after all!

That "tug on the heart..." that "gentle leading to do something for someone," or to say something to them; each of us knows "it." "It" being the leading of the Holy Spirit. Start heeding that Call in your own life and watch your own world change. He will amaze even you!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Yes, There is Peace!

Again, a world so busy with situations, duties and "stuff" we find ourselves in. It is so easy to get so caught up in that "stuff" that we can no longer find peace.
But I know where HE is, and nothing of this world can affect what He has!
There is peace--a peace that's necessary so.
Available...but not all people know!
Some know, and yet continue on their way.
Oh, there is peace--and it is for today!

There is peace--it is in One Person. Only One!
His Name is Jesus--He is God's own Son!
His title even says "The Prince of Peace;"
for, unto Him, all stress you may release!

Yes, there is Peace. O come to know Him well!
There is nothing, to Him, You can't tell!
For He knows you completely anyway,
therefore, nothing can get in the way!

O there is Jesus, Prince of Peace, with open arms.
He smiles and, all suppression, so disarms!
He WANTS to be the One that you turn to!
Still, He leaves that decision up to you.

Yes, there is peace. Perfect Peace. And He desires to be the peace you need in a world that lacks such. His offer still stands. Don't let anything or anyone embezzle you out of it!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Keep singing!

It seems that, with each day that goes by, the world gets busier, more crowded and, in a lot of cases, more apathetic. However, life is still beautiful, still worth living, and YOU are still very loved!
"The world--it goes and goes...
Your love--it grows and grows!
The busier all things become,
Lord Jesus, You remain The Sum!
You see it all and what will be,
and You still cling to such as we;
You even offer Your embrace
to any seeking love and grace!

How many days? You only know;
and You allow us yet to grow
in Who You are and what You do,
that each of us be more like You!
In spite of times and days that are,
You promise, coming soon, You are;
and to that promise we so cling
as, Your love, we proclaim and sing!"

No matter how busy and crowded your world becomes, there is ALWAYS room at the Cross for you! Don't let anything or anyone deny you that blessing, and continue to love and care for others!

Monday, August 13, 2018


No matter what kind of day God gives us, we must do our best to see Him in it and continue on in our calling.

The beauty of creation-

(yes, even through the rain!)
The storm be His creation, too,
though many would complain!
But seeing all that He has made
through that gently falling
has the poet, yet once more,
His lovely Name, so calling!
And even as the drops descend,
His precious little birds
carry on in celebration
with their unique words!
Blessed be this writer to
be able to behold
the many evidences of Him-
subtle unto bold!

Whatever your day contains, I promise you that God is in it somewhere, somehow. Ask Him, and He will make His Presence evident in such a way that will cause even you to glorify Him!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Signs of the Times

Like it or not, so many are the signs that point to the fact that these are the last days.  The busier the world gets, the more clear they become.
Are you ready?

Words upon some pages written

centuries ago;
"It's just another book," some scoff,
and on their way they go;
little do they know how living
is each sacred word!
will they take note when, finally,
their fruition is occurred?

"Even so, come quickly..." echoes

yet from that sweet page!
He said to know the times and seasons
of this final age.
Yet some I know have given up,
or don't believe at all!
Still, The Truth remains and, still,
remains The Savior's call!

The days that are be wicked...yet

there still be plenty "good!"
And we are told to not give up,
for that is understood!
Stand thus, ye faithful, even if
you must stand all alone;
for God--He will accomplish ALL
that, in His Word, is known!

Don't give up!  Continue to do and say as God leads you to for as long as it takes.  For we are NOT forsaken...forsake not the goodness within you therefore.  The time is at hand, even as it is written!


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

God Understands

Tired...weary...worn...God understands.
"You know the many things this life requires;
You continue loving and providing.
You know how often this old body tires;
(from that fact, there is not any hiding!)
You know and yet You keep us in this calling,
giving things that no one else can give!
You know ALL, my Father, and You keep us...
for there is but one other way to live!
And when That Trumpet sounds, that Life will be here--
no more struggles, challenges or pain!
You promised us a life with You in Heaven,
Your Living Word, it makes that very plain!
So we press on in all the strength You give us
in opportunities that vast abound,
knowing that, beyond what lies before us,
Your healing and Your wholeness will be found!
A lot of us won't admit it, but we do have limitations. Some of us have physical limitations. And, again, God understands that and compensates for us in ways that some of us cannot even imagine.
Stand back some time and watch the hand of God at work in and around your life. It just might amaze you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life of Wonder!

Life.  Again today. And it is different for each of us.  But there is one constant in this life no matter where we are--God is involved!  Just look around you...

"Once again, the awe of your creation,
it is in vision as we look around!
We do not have to take a trip to "somewhere"
for Your very touch, Lord, to be found!
It's in the's in the fields yonder...
it's in the is in the skies...
and, certainly, as I look at my brother,
I can see You in His very eyes!

For You are so involved with us, oh Father;
how can a person say "There is no God?"
For there is nowhere that I cannot sense You;
therefore, my heart and soul send out applause!
O be so evident even in this man,
that others draw to Your reality
and allow You to be involved with them--
for therein lies the greatest victory!"

The awe and splendor of creation?  But YOU are His creation also!  Involve God in in all of your daily life and behold the wonder of His moving even through you!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Always Amazing!

It is always amazing to me that God places certain people at certain places in our lives for certain situations. It amazes me...but it shouldn't. May we never grow weary of His amazing ways!
He sees the needs that we will have
as long as we shall live;
He knows the answers to them--
what we'll get and who will give!
No thing at all surprises Him,
He knew it all along;
so know Your cares are in His hand
and join that Heaven Song!

The need comes up, and He supplies,
and even goes beyond!
His ways are so amazing--
all because He is so fond!
His love supplies and blesses,
His grace, it covers all;
make haste to open up YOUR heart
and answer to His call!

So much we do not understand,
yet He stays in control;
so much goes on beyond ourselves,
but He retains our soul!
Relax in Him as best you can
in spite of living here;
HE KNOWS, and Heaven so awaits
for those who persevere!

I don't know what all your needs and wants don't know what all my needs and wants are, but this I know for sure: God is fully aware of each of our lives, and He will NEVER fail!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Shine on

With Jesus alive inside of us, we are going to run into opposition.  That's a given.  However, we are also going to run into plenty of opportunity for Him to shine forth through us!

My Best Friend, He accompanies

but all throughout the day.
I count on Him to keep me steady
on the Narrow Way.
He opens and He closes doors,
He speaks into my heart;
Jesus--He is my best friend,
and we shall never part!

Our friendship comes to mind now as
the day comes to an end
and I think about how many I see
in need of such a friend!
Among the many hundreds I see
all throughout the day,
so many need this Friend of mine
to help them on the way!
And Christ has opportunity
to be upon display
as I interact with them--
in what I do and say.
It is a calling that I do not
take for granted ever!
You have that calling also, friend;
shirk from that mantle never!

I am called.  You are called.  WE are called unto a hungry, thirsty, dying world to share the Life of the Good News...just by allowing Jesus to shine through us!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Doing what we should

So many opportunities to minister present themselves to us during the day. Of course, the pastor has duties that are expected of him, but WE are The Church. Rise to the occasion!

Someone is needing hope tonight,
where are they going to go...
Somebody needs a friend tonight,
is it someone you know?
Somebody out there has a need
that God is going to meet;
He'll use you to if you will let Him,
and He'll be discreet.

Too often I see someone and say
"I will pray for you..."
instead of taking time to do
what God wants me to do.
"I'll pray for you..." has thus become
a way to get away;
Deeds are much more powerful
than words this present day!

Surely, there are those that merely
need a listening ear;
more often, though, we have the means
to rightly persevere!
Do everything you can, my friend,
and God will do the rest;
not only will you bless someone,
but you, too, will be blessed!

We must be very careful to follow through when we tell someone that we will pray for them. They are depending on and trusting in God. But what if it is a need that we ourselves can meet right then and there? Could God have sent them to us just for that purpose?
Only you can answer that.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Out to Lunch

"A breath of fresh air..."
You know, that feeling you get when you see someone again after a long time?  God, so generously, arranges those divine appointments...if you are open to them.

Back in touch with one with whom
I had spent so much time.
"Schedules and the daily grind,"
the culprit of the crime!
But lunch today with one so close
to put all that behind;
and purposed we to, much more often,
that blessed time to find!

So busy are the days that are
that such a this is lost.
We must MAKE TIME for one another,
regardless of the cost.
Each of us NEED one another
for fellowship and support!
And poor is him who wants no one
to whom he can resort!

God made us each to fellowship
with Him and with each other.
Be grateful thus that you have someone
that you can call "brother!"
I saw another one today
and grateful be my heart.
And when tomorrow comes, may I,
the very same, impart!

Thanks for lunch today, Craig.  What a blessing it was to catch up after too many years of "busyness."
Can any of you think of anyone in your life that needs such a break from "routine?  Call them.  Visit them.  Take them out to lunch!