Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Weekend

A long, busy week behind.
A few days to refocus, refresh and be revived by Jesus Christ Himself! Don't let anything interfere with that!

"Time again especially
for You and You alone!
In this place it's only YOU
that I desire be known!
The world has enough of me
but not enough of You;
but here am I to hear You, feel You,
and have You in view!

All the week of busyness--
but You were right beside!
So many folks I've spoken with
You never left my side!
So much was taken care of, but
those things of most import
I savor now alone with You--
what beautiful resort!

So very much to occupy
the times and days that are,
but Lord, I know that in it all
You never are afar!
Thank You for Your constant Presence,
needed every day!
Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Yes, though Jesus is with us on a constant basis, this life requires each of us to set aside time to be with Him in personal fellowship. Make sure your lives are not so busy that you exclude such precious opportunity!


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