Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stepping up...again

Once again, opportunity presents itself to do something that no can see save God alone.
What are you going to do?

The store forgot to charge us for
some things. Who's gonna know...
I didn't finish ALL the work,
the customer said "so..."
I cannot pay that bill on time;
I know they'll understand...
Integrity informs me I've
no leg on which to stand!

So countless are the situations
in the day that rise
that count upon "integrity--"
unseen by any eyes.
BUT GOD, He sees and knows it all
and wants for us the best;
be heartfelt your integrity
and you'll be surely blessed!

So many are the eyes around,
but those that matter most
so give Him cause to boast!

The way one of my jr. high teachers put it: "A man is as good as his word."
Thank you, Mr. Ward! Those words ring through my heart as I write this some 45 years later! This world and its ways would try to sway you otherwise,  BUT GOD is faithful, understanding, forgiving, cheering each of us on and Holy Spirit is guarding our choices. NEVER ignore that Inner Voice!

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