Monday, July 30, 2018


Refreshing and so wonderful,
so necessary, too,
that which falls now from the heavens--
heavier than dew!
So very blessed are we to get
that long-awaited rain!
"Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer
in ways that seem so plain!"
He listens and He answers...
He hears and He provides!
So very fortunate the man that,
in His care, resides!
Trust Him to meet Your every need,
(and know it's in HIS time;)
you will come to know that His ways,
they are quite sublime!
Yes, we are getting some much-needed rain. But don't stop praying! There
are plenty of areas in this country, around this world, that still need this
so-necessary refreshing!
"Thank You, Father! We praise Your Mighty Name!"

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