Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Quiet me again

Again, I am minded of the fact that this life is more than willing to allow you to be as busy as you want to be. Problem is, some of us don't know when to say "when!" We must, however, especially to allow time for God to renew our minds and our strength.
Have you got time to do that?

Once more into the quiet place
so I can be renewed.
I go, though, with a willingness,
and a heart of gratitude!
I know that He will meet me there,
providing all I lack;
I know that I will be a
brand new man when I get back!

The quiet place--it is a very
necessary time.
Even without pad or pen
to capture any rhyme;
only with a willing heart
and a firm desire
to be with Jesus Christ my Lord--
my all, my one desire!

Into the quiet place
provided by His grace;
so necessary here--
let NOTHING interfere!

Nothing. Let nothing interfere with that special quiet time with Jesus Christ. There are so many things that can, even "good" things, but that which is "necessary" is often more important than just "good."

In HIS Service,

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