Monday, July 9, 2018

Our Steps

We know that, as we belong to Him, the Lord continues to order our steps. Yet, so often, we are looking for the "fantastic" when right before our eyes is the "necessary."
What are you looking for?

Jesus in the subtleties
of living everyday.
He is a constancy for us
upon the Narrow Way!
He sets up our appointments before
we go out the door;
and, all the day, folks come our way
that He has us there for.

The subtle, the spectacular,
the day in and day out,
He knows about our every way
we do not have to doubt!
He even knows to send ones to us
that may have a need;
we will recognize it if
we truly would take heed!
Jesus in the subtleties--
He holds us in His palm.
In everything of every day
He offers us His calm.
Take Him up on it and savor
peace that passes all;
seek Him always--He desires
so to hear you call!

Yes, in spite of everything that He has to do with everyone everywhere, and everything that we have to do in our own corner of the world, He DESIRES to hear from us! Spend that priceless time with Him as often as You can! It doesn't have to be something "spectacular!

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