Sunday, July 22, 2018

Once more to the shore

Business and busyness have had me long enough. I know that God was/is with me every step of the way but, once again, I am drawn to a beautiful place to relax, refresh and restore. And, as always, He is right here at my side...

Once more to the river,
drawn to the water's edge.
Here to listen to the peace;
from 'the hustle' to the hedge.
Creator God creates for us
escapes such as this one;
and I enjoy His mighty Presence
here as day is done!

The river--it is mighty, yet
it generates such peace!
He calls unto my heart and bids me,
every stress, release!
Just toss each care into the current,
He takes them from there;
then floods me with His Perfect Peace
availed everywhere!

The beauty of the river flow...
the Presence of the King...
the absence of the world's stress--
it makes my heart to sing!
O find that river in your own life,
often find that shore!
Realize what He has for you--
for it is so much more!!

So wonderful--the Presence of God. Of course, you don't have to find an actual river to realize this, but there are several near this place. They are beautiful. They are beneficial. And He always accompanies me there!


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