Thursday, July 26, 2018


The older we get, the more we realize there are things we can't do the way we used to. Sometimes, the reason we can't is because something is broken or not working quite right. So it was yesterday. I called a friend because my lawn mower is not working quite right. He came over and looked at it, found the problem, but it was beyond his expertise...but we did find the problem!

He places angels where we don't expect.
He gives us so much cause for to reflect.
His ways, for they are higher than our own,
and His solutions--they remain unknown!

The minor and the major He cares for.
We think we know the need...but He has more!
Our needs and our desires He knows well;
but the way He answers, who can tell?

God--for He is faithful and so giving!
In his will this man wants to be living!
For there is more excitement in His ways
than all the things of earth that garner praise!

Later, the man that found the problem with the mower showed up with his own mower. A VERY LARGE mower! He cut the grass in 20 minutes. It takes over an hour to do it with mine! What a blessing! I got my wallet out and he said "No, no, no! We're neighbors, man!"
God is so good!

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