Friday, July 20, 2018

Keep progressing!

Progress in spite of the pain.
Is such as this possible? long as we do not give up!

"No matter how I feel today
You still have use for me.
It may hurt a little bit,
but victory will be!
Or it may hurt quite a bit,
there is a calling still;
and I will do whatever I can
according to YOUR will!"

He only says "Do what you can,"
and He will do the rest.
I've found this true for many years--
I am so very blessed!
He gives so many opportunities
for us to serve,
and then He gives to us reward--
far more than we deserve!

No matter how you feel today,
God, He understands!
And He continues holding out
those mighty, healing hands!
Do everything that you can do,
and for HIS glory aye!
He will see that you are blessed
but each and every day!

Life goes on. Sometimes, that life is painful. But God is a healing,
understanding God Who will never leave you nor forsake you. Press on, as
much as is possible, and savor the blessing of His constant Presence!

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