Sunday, July 29, 2018

Greeting Card

There is a "still, small voice" in each of us that guards and guides us. I listen to "it" to know what and when to say something to someone. Do you?
There are many times when His voice tells me to just send a simple card to someone. It may not seem like much, but it may mean the world to the one opening the card...

Some words inside an envelope,
sent "out of the blue..."
It may seem just a minor touch
to me or even you.
But that one that receives the card
may know their prayers are heard,
just because someone obeyed
when God gave them a word!

So simple are the gestures--
God uses every one!
If He puts someone on your heart
make sure something is done!
"Hello..." "Get well..." "We're thinking of you..."
whatever it may be;
a very simple gesture that
affects eternally!

Pastor Venable and his wife showed us years ago just how powerful this simple gesture can be. The more we got involved, the more results we saw, and the more God was glorified.
Can you think of anyone that might need an encouraging word in your life?

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