Wednesday, July 18, 2018


May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts serve to
encourage one another to press on in the "good works" that He has called us
to do. We ALL have a part!
Wherever I may go today,
whomever I may see,
may they know I spend time with You,
and You're inside of me!
But greater, may I share "something"
that draws them close to You;
because You are so wonderful--
each day, it is anew!
Each day in you, so beautiful--
so wonderful, so real!
Your touches all throughout the day,
no thing, Lord, may conceal!
Your Presence all throughout this life,
(throughout all time, as well,)
is needed and appreciated
more than I can tell!
Whatever this day has in store,
shine through me, o my Lord!
I am a vessel in Your hands--
through me live out Your Word!
I avail myself to that
which You have for this man.
Thank You, Lord, for having such
a wonderful, blessed plan!
AND NOT JUST ME! He has such a plan for each of us. We must only avail
ourselves to His calling...and His calling is so faithful!

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