Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Independence Day

Another Independence Day. Thank You, God!
As afternoon progresses, that's exactly what the writer is doing...
"While thanking You for liberty,
we call out for Your own!
Too many are the places, Lord,
where such remains unknown.
Too many are the faces in which
we see none at all;
for those upon our hearts, oh Lord,
Your Mighty Name we call!

So beautiful, the liberty
we savor, Lord, in You!
In Your Spirit there is freedom
like NO avenue!
Some may celebrate our country
as we swell with pride,
but it is nothing like Your Presence
dwelling deep inside!

Yes, in Your Spirit there is freedom
like not any other!
Jesus--You are more than friend,
and closer than a brother!
YOU provide that freedom that
ALL people so require!
We celebrate this day...yet we
look for that much, much higher!"

Savor and enjoy the independence of our country. For a majority of people cannot do the same. But lose not sight of them that have no idea what it means...for there are far too many of them. Pray for them. For He is aware of them all!

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