Monday, July 30, 2018


Refreshing and so wonderful,
so necessary, too,
that which falls now from the heavens--
heavier than dew!
So very blessed are we to get
that long-awaited rain!
"Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer
in ways that seem so plain!"
He listens and He answers...
He hears and He provides!
So very fortunate the man that,
in His care, resides!
Trust Him to meet Your every need,
(and know it's in HIS time;)
you will come to know that His ways,
they are quite sublime!
Yes, we are getting some much-needed rain. But don't stop praying! There
are plenty of areas in this country, around this world, that still need this
so-necessary refreshing!
"Thank You, Father! We praise Your Mighty Name!"

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Greeting Card

There is a "still, small voice" in each of us that guards and guides us. I listen to "it" to know what and when to say something to someone. Do you?
There are many times when His voice tells me to just send a simple card to someone. It may not seem like much, but it may mean the world to the one opening the card...

Some words inside an envelope,
sent "out of the blue..."
It may seem just a minor touch
to me or even you.
But that one that receives the card
may know their prayers are heard,
just because someone obeyed
when God gave them a word!

So simple are the gestures--
God uses every one!
If He puts someone on your heart
make sure something is done!
"Hello..." "Get well..." "We're thinking of you..."
whatever it may be;
a very simple gesture that
affects eternally!

Pastor Venable and his wife showed us years ago just how powerful this simple gesture can be. The more we got involved, the more results we saw, and the more God was glorified.
Can you think of anyone that might need an encouraging word in your life?

Thursday, July 26, 2018


The older we get, the more we realize there are things we can't do the way we used to. Sometimes, the reason we can't is because something is broken or not working quite right. So it was yesterday. I called a friend because my lawn mower is not working quite right. He came over and looked at it, found the problem, but it was beyond his expertise...but we did find the problem!

He places angels where we don't expect.
He gives us so much cause for to reflect.
His ways, for they are higher than our own,
and His solutions--they remain unknown!

The minor and the major He cares for.
We think we know the need...but He has more!
Our needs and our desires He knows well;
but the way He answers, who can tell?

God--for He is faithful and so giving!
In his will this man wants to be living!
For there is more excitement in His ways
than all the things of earth that garner praise!

Later, the man that found the problem with the mower showed up with his own mower. A VERY LARGE mower! He cut the grass in 20 minutes. It takes over an hour to do it with mine! What a blessing! I got my wallet out and he said "No, no, no! We're neighbors, man!"
God is so good!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stepping up...again

Once again, opportunity presents itself to do something that no can see save God alone.
What are you going to do?

The store forgot to charge us for
some things. Who's gonna know...
I didn't finish ALL the work,
the customer said "so..."
I cannot pay that bill on time;
I know they'll understand...
Integrity informs me I've
no leg on which to stand!

So countless are the situations
in the day that rise
that count upon "integrity--"
unseen by any eyes.
BUT GOD, He sees and knows it all
and wants for us the best;
be heartfelt your integrity
and you'll be surely blessed!

So many are the eyes around,
but those that matter most
so give Him cause to boast!

The way one of my jr. high teachers put it: "A man is as good as his word."
Thank you, Mr. Ward! Those words ring through my heart as I write this some 45 years later! This world and its ways would try to sway you otherwise,  BUT GOD is faithful, understanding, forgiving, cheering each of us on and Holy Spirit is guarding our choices. NEVER ignore that Inner Voice!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Once more to the shore

Business and busyness have had me long enough. I know that God was/is with me every step of the way but, once again, I am drawn to a beautiful place to relax, refresh and restore. And, as always, He is right here at my side...

Once more to the river,
drawn to the water's edge.
Here to listen to the peace;
from 'the hustle' to the hedge.
Creator God creates for us
escapes such as this one;
and I enjoy His mighty Presence
here as day is done!

The river--it is mighty, yet
it generates such peace!
He calls unto my heart and bids me,
every stress, release!
Just toss each care into the current,
He takes them from there;
then floods me with His Perfect Peace
availed everywhere!

The beauty of the river flow...
the Presence of the King...
the absence of the world's stress--
it makes my heart to sing!
O find that river in your own life,
often find that shore!
Realize what He has for you--
for it is so much more!!

So wonderful--the Presence of God. Of course, you don't have to find an actual river to realize this, but there are several near this place. They are beautiful. They are beneficial. And He always accompanies me there!


Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Weekend

A long, busy week behind.
A few days to refocus, refresh and be revived by Jesus Christ Himself! Don't let anything interfere with that!

"Time again especially
for You and You alone!
In this place it's only YOU
that I desire be known!
The world has enough of me
but not enough of You;
but here am I to hear You, feel You,
and have You in view!

All the week of busyness--
but You were right beside!
So many folks I've spoken with
You never left my side!
So much was taken care of, but
those things of most import
I savor now alone with You--
what beautiful resort!

So very much to occupy
the times and days that are,
but Lord, I know that in it all
You never are afar!
Thank You for Your constant Presence,
needed every day!
Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Yes, though Jesus is with us on a constant basis, this life requires each of us to set aside time to be with Him in personal fellowship. Make sure your lives are not so busy that you exclude such precious opportunity!


Friday, July 20, 2018

Keep progressing!

Progress in spite of the pain.
Is such as this possible? long as we do not give up!

"No matter how I feel today
You still have use for me.
It may hurt a little bit,
but victory will be!
Or it may hurt quite a bit,
there is a calling still;
and I will do whatever I can
according to YOUR will!"

He only says "Do what you can,"
and He will do the rest.
I've found this true for many years--
I am so very blessed!
He gives so many opportunities
for us to serve,
and then He gives to us reward--
far more than we deserve!

No matter how you feel today,
God, He understands!
And He continues holding out
those mighty, healing hands!
Do everything that you can do,
and for HIS glory aye!
He will see that you are blessed
but each and every day!

Life goes on. Sometimes, that life is painful. But God is a healing,
understanding God Who will never leave you nor forsake you. Press on, as
much as is possible, and savor the blessing of His constant Presence!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts serve to
encourage one another to press on in the "good works" that He has called us
to do. We ALL have a part!
Wherever I may go today,
whomever I may see,
may they know I spend time with You,
and You're inside of me!
But greater, may I share "something"
that draws them close to You;
because You are so wonderful--
each day, it is anew!
Each day in you, so beautiful--
so wonderful, so real!
Your touches all throughout the day,
no thing, Lord, may conceal!
Your Presence all throughout this life,
(throughout all time, as well,)
is needed and appreciated
more than I can tell!
Whatever this day has in store,
shine through me, o my Lord!
I am a vessel in Your hands--
through me live out Your Word!
I avail myself to that
which You have for this man.
Thank You, Lord, for having such
a wonderful, blessed plan!
AND NOT JUST ME! He has such a plan for each of us. We must only avail
ourselves to His calling...and His calling is so faithful!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Quiet me again

Again, I am minded of the fact that this life is more than willing to allow you to be as busy as you want to be. Problem is, some of us don't know when to say "when!" We must, however, especially to allow time for God to renew our minds and our strength.
Have you got time to do that?

Once more into the quiet place
so I can be renewed.
I go, though, with a willingness,
and a heart of gratitude!
I know that He will meet me there,
providing all I lack;
I know that I will be a
brand new man when I get back!

The quiet place--it is a very
necessary time.
Even without pad or pen
to capture any rhyme;
only with a willing heart
and a firm desire
to be with Jesus Christ my Lord--
my all, my one desire!

Into the quiet place
provided by His grace;
so necessary here--
let NOTHING interfere!

Nothing. Let nothing interfere with that special quiet time with Jesus Christ. There are so many things that can, even "good" things, but that which is "necessary" is often more important than just "good."

In HIS Service,

Monday, July 9, 2018

Our Steps

We know that, as we belong to Him, the Lord continues to order our steps. Yet, so often, we are looking for the "fantastic" when right before our eyes is the "necessary."
What are you looking for?

Jesus in the subtleties
of living everyday.
He is a constancy for us
upon the Narrow Way!
He sets up our appointments before
we go out the door;
and, all the day, folks come our way
that He has us there for.

The subtle, the spectacular,
the day in and day out,
He knows about our every way
we do not have to doubt!
He even knows to send ones to us
that may have a need;
we will recognize it if
we truly would take heed!
Jesus in the subtleties--
He holds us in His palm.
In everything of every day
He offers us His calm.
Take Him up on it and savor
peace that passes all;
seek Him always--He desires
so to hear you call!

Yes, in spite of everything that He has to do with everyone everywhere, and everything that we have to do in our own corner of the world, He DESIRES to hear from us! Spend that priceless time with Him as often as You can! It doesn't have to be something "spectacular!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Independence Day

Another Independence Day. Thank You, God!
As afternoon progresses, that's exactly what the writer is doing...
"While thanking You for liberty,
we call out for Your own!
Too many are the places, Lord,
where such remains unknown.
Too many are the faces in which
we see none at all;
for those upon our hearts, oh Lord,
Your Mighty Name we call!

So beautiful, the liberty
we savor, Lord, in You!
In Your Spirit there is freedom
like NO avenue!
Some may celebrate our country
as we swell with pride,
but it is nothing like Your Presence
dwelling deep inside!

Yes, in Your Spirit there is freedom
like not any other!
Jesus--You are more than friend,
and closer than a brother!
YOU provide that freedom that
ALL people so require!
We celebrate this day...yet we
look for that much, much higher!"

Savor and enjoy the independence of our country. For a majority of people cannot do the same. But lose not sight of them that have no idea what it means...for there are far too many of them. Pray for them. For He is aware of them all!