Thursday, June 14, 2018

Unstable World?

So many changes in our world today.  So many powerful players making bold moves that surprise even the wisest.  But I know One Who is not surprised...

"Our future--it is ALWAYS sure,
because You are so real!
No trips and no surprises, Lord,
may earthly life conceal.
For not a thing can happen of which
You are not aware!
That's why You offer shelter to us
with no need of "scare."

Our comfort and security
is all contained in You.
Our known and our unknown--for you
contain both in Your view!
No reason we to panic if
we trust in You always;
no other thing to do, Lord, than
to offer You sweet praise!

But be aware--we be aware
as You've told us to do!
The days that are--for You have even
had them in Your view.
We are aware, while standing firm
on all that You have said;
looking up--expecting You
to split the skies instead!"

Fear not.  Be aware...but fear not.  For God knows about ALL things that are happening, and those events just continue to fall into place like He designed.

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