Friday, June 22, 2018


So many things to write about...but what matters?
So many things going on in this world, but what is most important?
Focus on that which is beyond all distractions...

Jesus, o the mention of Him
transports us somehow!
His Presence does, the issues of
this world, not allow!
In His Presence, all distractions
fade off into nil,
and there we be with God the Son
in the perfect still!

So many things, events and issues,
though they may go on,
in His blessed Presence these things
are completely gone!
He issues peace, His Perfect Peace,
to anyone at all,
anyone who bends the knee,
His Mighty Name, to call!

Savoring the respite from
the necessary life,
free from all the incidences,
free from all the strife,
walking slow and talking with
my Jesus--Son of God!
It is a path that ANYONE,
so willingly, may trod!

Yes, our lives are so busy and full of "things," but don't forget to make time for that which is much more than a mere "thing"--time with Jesus!

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