Thursday, June 21, 2018

Necessary Rain

Father God is so amazing. Business has been very busy of late, and there has not been much time to just relax and "do nothing." But Father God has ways to make that happen...
Relaxing...due to necessary rain;
sometimes, the words from God are very plain!
He knew I needed rest from this past week,
and His ways of doing so are quite unique!
And as I rest, I do so with a smile.
The beauty of His ways and His lone style
always cause this man to be so blessed:
His beauty, His approaches...and His rest!
How wonderful--the scope of Father's care!
How wonderful that, with ALL folks, He'll share!
Take your own share of His wondrous love
which He has such a great abundance of!
It doesn't always take a rainstorm to get me to stop and rest, but I am always amazed at the lengths which God will go to get my attention and tend to what's needed!
Again, Father God is so amazing!

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