Saturday, June 2, 2018


Each of us have longings and desires. The same be as diverse as we are, but there is one desire most have in common: to spend eternity with Jesus!
The longing of my soul, it is
to be with Him at last!
When days pf earth have come to end,
and all we know is passed,
I long to look into His eyes
and know His blest embrace--
all of this is gifted us
of His abundant grace!
Now and forever, mercy, goodness,
love--they are so real!
Not a thing of present life
may, such as these, conceal!
Rather, they would spring to life
as I call out His Name--
JESUS CHRIST--yesterday,
today and e'er the same!
Be still, my soul, amidst the blast
that each day may contain;
be firm in Jesus Christ the Lord,
Whose grace, it will sustain!
He is...He was...and He will be
regardless of the rest!
The longing of my soul, it is
to know His perfect rest!
The longing of my soul: to know His perfect the next life! There
is still a lot to be done in this life and plenty for my soul to long seeing more and more people get saved! Only the Blood of Jesus
can do that!

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