Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21

The first day of summer. (Though it has felt like summer for over a month already!)

The sun is shining brightly as
the trees, so gently, dance;
the color of the sky requires
nothing to enhance!
It's not too hot today to get out
and enjoy it all,
and as one does, the voice of God
does, o so softly, call!
He's calling in the whisper that is
present all around...
He's calling through the little birds
now pecking at the ground...
He's calling in the glory of
the billows far away...
He's calling each of us to join Him
somewhere in our day!
Summer sunshine bright...
living to delight!
Beneficial rays;
Give Father God all praise!
God so ordered and ordained these seasons long before any of us can fathom.
I know that we complain about the extremes, but He knows what He is doing, and we continue to trust in and rely upon Him to continue to do so!

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