Thursday, June 21, 2018

In Service

What a blessing it is to be in service for God! How wonderful it is to come in contact with hundreds of folks each day and have an impact on how their day may go.  But aren't we ALL called to do that?

Encountering so many people
all throughout the day;

greeting them and sharing, hearing
what they have to say;

so many share the same concerns
upon the Narrow Way;
so many thankful for an ear
somewhere inside their day!

Each of us are capable
of taking time for them;
it may not always be directing
one of them to Him;
but God is always present with
an ever-listening ear,
as people open up their hearts
He's ALWAYS sure to hear!

Not all of us are called to preach...not all of us are called to go to other
countries...but we are ALL called to minister to one another in such a way that will improve their day. That may simply be smiling and greeting them!  What did you do with your opportunities today?

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