Saturday, June 9, 2018

God's Reality

The reality of God.  Once again, I am minded of how real He is in yet another beautiful way.  Of course, He is our PROVIDER, but He always finds new ways to see to that provision.  It is written, "I am the same yesterday, today and forever," and yet He never runs out of surprises!

You know my need before the need
is even known to me;
and, even at that point, You know
what the outcome will be!
I think I have it figured out:
how this need will be met,
then You step in with Your provision--
blessings then to get!

The phone rings from so far away...

a note comes in the mail...
somebody stops by the house--
Your ways, they never fail!
You see what needs to happen before
anything is done,
and You step in, so faithfully,
and meet the needs, each one!

So loving and so faithful,

so generous, as well;
to recount the ways You bless?
There is not time to tell!
But I know You will ALWAYS be
if ever I should lack.
Concerning, God, Your promises,
You are not ever slack!!

Again I say it: GOD IS SO GOOD!  I surely pray that each of you reading this find that truth in your own lives.  There is no better way to live!


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