Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daily Gifts

God is so generous. He gives us 24 hours each day to make new memories. In those memories, He puts special people into our lives to meet along the way...

"So wonderful--the many friends
with which You grace me life!
They share in this experience
and even help in strife!
They help alleviate the stress
that often comes our way
as we tend to the gift of 'living'
on the Narrow Way.
They laugh with us...they cry with us...
they lend a helping hand;
oftentimes, they are the ones
who truly understand!
They grow with us...they sharpen us...
they listen to our cause...
For all the friends in OUR own lives
we give such great applause!

So wonderful--those folks called 'friends'

that each of us has got.
If they were not so close to us,
we'd be in quite a spot!
But we are blessed, so very blessed
to have such special friends!
We thank You, Lord, for each of them--
it's like Your hand extends!"

God's hand extended. That's what a blessing a true friend is! If you are reading this and consider yourself my friend, thank you so much! If you are reading this and these words seem foreign, go be a friend to someone. Everyone could use another!


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