Sunday, June 3, 2018

But it's still good!

Life goes on. Still...
There are so many "things" about this life that continue to go on. As my

daughter so often put it "It's not fair!" And she is right, there ARE so

many parts of life that aren't fair, but life is still good!


In the brilliance, in the branches

is a glory song.

It narrates all of living as

the afternoon rolls on.

On the branches are so many

forms of flying life,

and listening so closely rids

of every kind of strife!


In the brilliance, in the branches--

listen to them sing!

Their jubilance and joy would make

the very heavens ring!

God-given be the wondrous noise

emanating thence,

and He is worshipped in return;

praise--His recompense!


Life is not fair. But there are so many things about it that are! Our

problem is that we focus on the bad things that happen here and there and

that are a part of EVERY life!

Life may not be fair...but God isn't either! He treats us much better than

we deserve!


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