Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Stability

The longer we live, the more unstable life seems to get. There are very few gaurantees and certainties left in this life...especially the more crowded it gets.
There are, however, certainties that God set in order that have yetto change...

In my soul there is assurance!
(In my heart, as well!)
The Source of my salvation, He would,
such assurance, tell!
There is not another in whom
I can put my trust;
Jesus Christ--the Son of God--
in THIS life He's a must!

In my soul there is assurance--
(In my heart, as well--
of love, grace and eternal life
does He, so freely, tell!
He calls me His own son!
There is assurance in this life
because I know He won!

You can ALWAYS depend on Jesus and His ways. In fact, He desires that we trust Him, prove Him, see that He is always Who He says He is.
Trust Him as your Savior today!

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