Friday, June 29, 2018

More signs...

Blessings on you today.
The world and all of its busyness is slowly culminating. Things are happening around us that have been spoken about for years. But how will that affect you...
As we sense the seasons and
their cause and their effect,
we think of One Place where the
seasons will have no affect!
No "heat index," no "wind chill factor"
will be in That Place--
it will be when we're in the Presence
of the King of grace!

So occupy we 'til that time
that He said will be soon!
A precious Paradise awaits
to them that are in tune,
in tune with what His Word declares,
and purchased with His Blood!
For it is not too late to step
into that Crimson Flood!

Times and places of the day...
even life's events,
are pointing to a closer time--
discerning hearts to sense!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord..."
the cry of longing hearts;
will YOU be one who, at that
Trumpet Blast, also departs?

You can be! Just give your heart to Jesus and ask Him to show you how to live. He does so out of His abundant love, you know. Don't let anything hold you back!

Friday, June 22, 2018


So many things to write about...but what matters?
So many things going on in this world, but what is most important?
Focus on that which is beyond all distractions...

Jesus, o the mention of Him
transports us somehow!
His Presence does, the issues of
this world, not allow!
In His Presence, all distractions
fade off into nil,
and there we be with God the Son
in the perfect still!

So many things, events and issues,
though they may go on,
in His blessed Presence these things
are completely gone!
He issues peace, His Perfect Peace,
to anyone at all,
anyone who bends the knee,
His Mighty Name, to call!

Savoring the respite from
the necessary life,
free from all the incidences,
free from all the strife,
walking slow and talking with
my Jesus--Son of God!
It is a path that ANYONE,
so willingly, may trod!

Yes, our lives are so busy and full of "things," but don't forget to make time for that which is much more than a mere "thing"--time with Jesus!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21

The first day of summer. (Though it has felt like summer for over a month already!)

The sun is shining brightly as
the trees, so gently, dance;
the color of the sky requires
nothing to enhance!
It's not too hot today to get out
and enjoy it all,
and as one does, the voice of God
does, o so softly, call!
He's calling in the whisper that is
present all around...
He's calling through the little birds
now pecking at the ground...
He's calling in the glory of
the billows far away...
He's calling each of us to join Him
somewhere in our day!
Summer sunshine bright...
living to delight!
Beneficial rays;
Give Father God all praise!
God so ordered and ordained these seasons long before any of us can fathom.
I know that we complain about the extremes, but He knows what He is doing, and we continue to trust in and rely upon Him to continue to do so!

Necessary Rain

Father God is so amazing. Business has been very busy of late, and there has not been much time to just relax and "do nothing." But Father God has ways to make that happen...
Relaxing...due to necessary rain;
sometimes, the words from God are very plain!
He knew I needed rest from this past week,
and His ways of doing so are quite unique!
And as I rest, I do so with a smile.
The beauty of His ways and His lone style
always cause this man to be so blessed:
His beauty, His approaches...and His rest!
How wonderful--the scope of Father's care!
How wonderful that, with ALL folks, He'll share!
Take your own share of His wondrous love
which He has such a great abundance of!
It doesn't always take a rainstorm to get me to stop and rest, but I am always amazed at the lengths which God will go to get my attention and tend to what's needed!
Again, Father God is so amazing!

In Service

What a blessing it is to be in service for God! How wonderful it is to come in contact with hundreds of folks each day and have an impact on how their day may go.  But aren't we ALL called to do that?

Encountering so many people
all throughout the day;

greeting them and sharing, hearing
what they have to say;

so many share the same concerns
upon the Narrow Way;
so many thankful for an ear
somewhere inside their day!

Each of us are capable
of taking time for them;
it may not always be directing
one of them to Him;
but God is always present with
an ever-listening ear,
as people open up their hearts
He's ALWAYS sure to hear!

Not all of us are called to preach...not all of us are called to go to other
countries...but we are ALL called to minister to one another in such a way that will improve their day. That may simply be smiling and greeting them!  What did you do with your opportunities today?

Friday, June 15, 2018


Better yet, "Daddy."  How blessed and fortunate are those who can say that they have/had a "daddy.  Mine has been gone for a few years now, but the memories I yet possess remind me what a blessing "Father's Day" really is!

So many are the memories
that cause me yet to smile...
even ones evoking tears
as we go back awhile!
Memories of "Daddy" and
many lessons learned--
lessons taught...lessons heard...
and lessons strictly earned!

From teaching this man how to swim

so early in the day,
to teaching things to my own children
when they went to play;
Daddy always had a heart
and used it very well!
I even see my grandchildren
and, dad's touch, I can tell!

Yes, so many memories

this weekend and beyond.
Know that, of that working man,
I am so very fond!
I miss him more with every year,
but we'll meet in that Place
where Jesus calls His very Own--
the ones who are saved by grace!

It took a few years for daddy to realize Who Jesus really is, but I was there the day that He found out!  And I can't wait until I see him again!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Unstable World?

So many changes in our world today.  So many powerful players making bold moves that surprise even the wisest.  But I know One Who is not surprised...

"Our future--it is ALWAYS sure,
because You are so real!
No trips and no surprises, Lord,
may earthly life conceal.
For not a thing can happen of which
You are not aware!
That's why You offer shelter to us
with no need of "scare."

Our comfort and security
is all contained in You.
Our known and our unknown--for you
contain both in Your view!
No reason we to panic if
we trust in You always;
no other thing to do, Lord, than
to offer You sweet praise!

But be aware--we be aware
as You've told us to do!
The days that are--for You have even
had them in Your view.
We are aware, while standing firm
on all that You have said;
looking up--expecting You
to split the skies instead!"

Fear not.  Be aware...but fear not.  For God knows about ALL things that are happening, and those events just continue to fall into place like He designed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daily Gifts

God is so generous. He gives us 24 hours each day to make new memories. In those memories, He puts special people into our lives to meet along the way...

"So wonderful--the many friends
with which You grace me life!
They share in this experience
and even help in strife!
They help alleviate the stress
that often comes our way
as we tend to the gift of 'living'
on the Narrow Way.
They laugh with us...they cry with us...
they lend a helping hand;
oftentimes, they are the ones
who truly understand!
They grow with us...they sharpen us...
they listen to our cause...
For all the friends in OUR own lives
we give such great applause!

So wonderful--those folks called 'friends'

that each of us has got.
If they were not so close to us,
we'd be in quite a spot!
But we are blessed, so very blessed
to have such special friends!
We thank You, Lord, for each of them--
it's like Your hand extends!"

God's hand extended. That's what a blessing a true friend is! If you are reading this and consider yourself my friend, thank you so much! If you are reading this and these words seem foreign, go be a friend to someone. Everyone could use another!


Monday, June 11, 2018


Away from the frenzy for awhile.
Early evening on the back porch...

Hummingbirds are busy as
the day comes to an end...
the rays of day are fading as
the sun would slow descend...
It feels so good to know that "good"
has happened on this day,
and blessed be them that had a part
upon the Narrow way.

Too easy is it--getting caught up
in the 'daily grind.'
Just as easy it is, Jesus'
fingerprints, to find!
Look for them about your day,
you will be blessed, as well--
even by a tiny bird
whose wings, a story, tell!

Go ahead.  Relax.  Take a few moments out in His creation to take a deep breath and refresh.  He made it all just for us!

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Unfortunately, some of us find ourselves doing the most work for God, or praying the most, when we are separated or secluded from "normal" life. (If there is such a thing.)
The last seven messages that I sent were all written in an ER while waiting for a doctor to assess the damage from the last seizure.
Why must it be that way?

Seclusion once more finds this man,
(but I am not alone!)
Though no one else be in this place,
God's Presence--it is known!
I knew that He would be with me
and keep me occupied;
He's spoken to me several pages
whence He's glorified!

When depression finds YOU or
you find yourself alone,
reflect upon the good He is,
ask Him reset the tone.
Even in a waiting room
not knowing what's ahead,
He can make your heart and thoughts
to be Spirit-led!

It shouldn't take an ER visit to get me to spend the time needed to hear from God. (It usually doesn't!) But on that particular night, I had my pad and pen and the words kept flowing...the way they always do when I commit time to be with Him and hear what He has to say.
He is so faithful!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

God's Reality

The reality of God.  Once again, I am minded of how real He is in yet another beautiful way.  Of course, He is our PROVIDER, but He always finds new ways to see to that provision.  It is written, "I am the same yesterday, today and forever," and yet He never runs out of surprises!

You know my need before the need
is even known to me;
and, even at that point, You know
what the outcome will be!
I think I have it figured out:
how this need will be met,
then You step in with Your provision--
blessings then to get!

The phone rings from so far away...

a note comes in the mail...
somebody stops by the house--
Your ways, they never fail!
You see what needs to happen before
anything is done,
and You step in, so faithfully,
and meet the needs, each one!

So loving and so faithful,

so generous, as well;
to recount the ways You bless?
There is not time to tell!
But I know You will ALWAYS be
if ever I should lack.
Concerning, God, Your promises,
You are not ever slack!!

Again I say it: GOD IS SO GOOD!  I surely pray that each of you reading this find that truth in your own lives.  There is no better way to live!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Stability

The longer we live, the more unstable life seems to get. There are very few gaurantees and certainties left in this life...especially the more crowded it gets.
There are, however, certainties that God set in order that have yetto change...

In my soul there is assurance!
(In my heart, as well!)
The Source of my salvation, He would,
such assurance, tell!
There is not another in whom
I can put my trust;
Jesus Christ--the Son of God--
in THIS life He's a must!

In my soul there is assurance--
(In my heart, as well--
of love, grace and eternal life
does He, so freely, tell!
He calls me His own son!
There is assurance in this life
because I know He won!

You can ALWAYS depend on Jesus and His ways. In fact, He desires that we trust Him, prove Him, see that He is always Who He says He is.
Trust Him as your Savior today!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

But it's still good!

Life goes on. Still...
There are so many "things" about this life that continue to go on. As my

daughter so often put it "It's not fair!" And she is right, there ARE so

many parts of life that aren't fair, but life is still good!


In the brilliance, in the branches

is a glory song.

It narrates all of living as

the afternoon rolls on.

On the branches are so many

forms of flying life,

and listening so closely rids

of every kind of strife!


In the brilliance, in the branches--

listen to them sing!

Their jubilance and joy would make

the very heavens ring!

God-given be the wondrous noise

emanating thence,

and He is worshipped in return;

praise--His recompense!


Life is not fair. But there are so many things about it that are! Our

problem is that we focus on the bad things that happen here and there and

that are a part of EVERY life!

Life may not be fair...but God isn't either! He treats us much better than

we deserve!


Saturday, June 2, 2018


Each of us have longings and desires. The same be as diverse as we are, but there is one desire most have in common: to spend eternity with Jesus!
The longing of my soul, it is
to be with Him at last!
When days pf earth have come to end,
and all we know is passed,
I long to look into His eyes
and know His blest embrace--
all of this is gifted us
of His abundant grace!
Now and forever, mercy, goodness,
love--they are so real!
Not a thing of present life
may, such as these, conceal!
Rather, they would spring to life
as I call out His Name--
JESUS CHRIST--yesterday,
today and e'er the same!
Be still, my soul, amidst the blast
that each day may contain;
be firm in Jesus Christ the Lord,
Whose grace, it will sustain!
He is...He was...and He will be
regardless of the rest!
The longing of my soul, it is
to know His perfect rest!
The longing of my soul: to know His perfect the next life! There
is still a lot to be done in this life and plenty for my soul to long seeing more and more people get saved! Only the Blood of Jesus
can do that!