Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Timeless Afternoon

Afternoon is shining against the mountains.
The colors of the trees are softer than they were earlier.
Fortunately, the temp is lower than earlier, too.
The start of a wonderful evening...

How soft the shades of day become
with afternoon to fade;
how silent is the same to be
as glory is displayed!
The Presence of Creator God
to savor it with me
as I exalt His Holiness
for all the sights that be!

Spending precious, priceless time

with Father God Most High--
savoring His benefits
as memories pass by;
making more by visiting
with Him without restraint;
bound by earthly limitations,
Father God, He ain't!

God is immune from time.

He is aware that this world is quite obsessed with it, so He fills Our time with glories and wonders and blessings and words that truly matter...sometimes, even without words!  What a mighty God He is!

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