Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Table

The Table. How many are they that partake of it?
How many be there that even make time for it? If only they knew of the
wonders that Jesus provided there...
So wonderful, the Table:
There is something at the Table
to EVERYONE appealing!
But just how many make the time
to sit down and partake?
The Master's invitation--it
exists, whatever wake!
So much life at the Table
in Him Whose honor reigns!
A piece of bread...a cup of juice...
such life, though, it contains!
Take ye often of the same,
(with much reflection though!)
The very life that it contains
you'll further come to know!
"O thank you for the Bread and Drink--
the Body and the Blood!
So necessary in this life
that comes in like a flood!
Your provision--always perfect,
always what we need!
We see You at the Table, Lord,
you are everything we need!"
The sacred Communion. Periodic to some...yet always necessary! The Body
and the Blood of Jesus are the essentials that this world needs to survive.
Do you partake?

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