Saturday, May 19, 2018

That Song Within

That song, that never-ending song!  It is being sung by the multitudes even now, and they are ready and set for us to join in...

O the celebration!
It goes on but even now!
Resounding through the heavens with
the awe and with the wow!
Celebration music with
the celebration song
from the ones, yet numberless,
around the Lord, to throng!

O to be there present in
that celebration Place!
He sees and hears us just as well
as we live here in grace!
O, but in the heart there be
desire to be there

where the praise and adoration,
it be everywhere!

it be that ingrained song!
To go as soon as possible--
for such, the heart to long!
Yet residing until then
with Christ in verse and Word,
until THAT transformation, and
our Heaven, be occurred!

The longing of the to be with Jesus!!  And it will happen soon, just as He promised, and we will live with Him in Paradise forever!

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