Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Starting the day.
But before I do, I am halted by the glory of the day and caused to take note of Him Who is right beside me and what He's done!

The breeze is very hearty as
the day begins to form;
God the father has designed it--
be it sun or storm;
but in the early...in the sunlight...
in the able breeze
there is peace that passes all
that sets the heart at ease!

Blessed be that precious time
that's set aside at first.
If I were to neglect Him
it might be a day accursed!
But not this morning, as I once
again walk hand-in-hand
with the Author of all time
and Maker of the land!

O that time would halt for just
a while for to enjoy
the day that He created and
His Presence --never coy!
The conversation candid of
what is and what will be
diffuses every thought of

Is this how YOU start your day?  Good for you!!  It's not?!  Perhaps it should be so that your day can be smoother and You can recognize His Presence and the way things are arranged...as only Jesus can!  (And does!)

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