Monday, May 28, 2018


Memorial Day afternoon.  Hot, humid, silent.  The flag is not even moving, though there is a gentle whisper in the air.  I feel that gentle whisper as I walk between the markers...

The rows and rows of "markers,"

(or so they have been called;)
each of them to designate
a life beneath installed.
But much greater than a "marker"
that life to have become,
a casualty of "freedom,"
and great to be their sum!

Some of us swell with gratitude

when walking in this place;
any less emotion would
amount to sheer disgrace!
We walk amongst the markers of
the ones who gave their all;
we fill with gratitude for them
that answered duty's call!

The rows and rows of markers--

we honor them today
and each day that we think of them--
for we are free for aye!
And honor to The Father Who
sees to our lives each day--
for He makes servants' hearts step up
in times of disarray!

WE ARE SO BLESSED TO LIVE IN AMERICA!  There are folks in this world who can only dream of the freedoms that we enjoy.  We enjoy them due the sacrifices of others--the ones that we honor on this day.


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