Sunday, May 27, 2018

Our hearts to tell

Sunday afternoon.
A timely, moving message from the pulpit this morning.  Now, as I reflect on the depth of this weekend, the words begin to flow...

How many are the fallen in

defense of this great land?
So grateful for those brave enough
to even take a stand!
So many serving yet today,
and that many know the cost;
So grateful we for all of them--
not all have names embossed.

Reflect we on so many years--
the conflicts and the wars,
we think of all the families,
(some yet with open sores;)
but as we do we swell with pride
and gratitude to rise,
as they died for AMERICA--
their exploits realize!

So grateful for those now gone on
(and for their families!)
Were it not for their selflessness
we would not know of these
brave servicemen of every branch,
of every rank, as well,
men and women not returned--
of them, our hearts to tell!

Our hearts to tell.  To tell of the gratitude we have for all that they have done?  That is what SHOULD fill our hearts!!  And so it does this weekend and always as we respect and give thanks to the ones who gave their all so that we could obtain all!  THANK YOU!!

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