Friday, May 25, 2018

My Greatest Hope

So much is there in this life to hope for.  Flippantly, we say "I sure hope ________________..." but what do you truly hold as your greatest hope?

My greatest hope is also an assurance;

it cannot be attained in present life!
It is Heaven!  And it is awaiting
after ALL, from jubilance to strife!

My greatest hope will only have pure goodness--
so many are looking forward to that Place!
Gone will be all sickness and diseases,
(one more gift of His abundant grace!

My greatest hope: it is eternal life!
My heart, for that sweet period, so yearns!
I know that it is sure and soon in coming:
the Trump will sound as Jesus Christ returns!

My greatest hope.  I surely pray that it is YOUR greatest hope as well!  We know that it is certain because He said so; we just never know when or how soon it might be.  Just be ready!

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