Saturday, May 12, 2018


So many wonderful memories flood my heart when I hear that word.  I pray that it is the same with you!  Some of us have mothers that have moved on to wait for us in Heaven.  Some of us are still enjoying mom here.  Whatever be your case, make sure she gets proper recognition as we celebrate today!

How many years has she been gone?
But is she really, though?
With memories yet so alive,
the poet cries out "NO!"
So gifted is this man BY GOD
for all the years I had
loving her and being loved--
what special "mom" I had!!

But a special "mom" retain I still
with every day to pass.
She taught us kids so very much--
the memories amass!
Always there to care for us,
to cook for us, to clean...
O, that everyone alive
could know just what I mean!

"Mother--" God's so precious blessing
unto this man's life!
I watched...I learned....I yet succeed
do to my father's wife!
I pray that I be her example
to mine and to others.
God gifted us with special angels,
and He called them "mothers!"

And to this day I still miss her!  I miss calling her several times each week, regardless what distance existed.  Just the sound of her voice made that distance disappear,  and the wisdom she exuded yet lives to this day!
I love you, momma!

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