Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial 2018

"The Greatest Generation."
That term has been spoken of late, but this writer thinks one of the greatest generations are those who have served this country.
We remember the ones who gave all this weekend.

So many of my own have gone

and did all that they could;
so many of your own did join them,
those able and that could;
We celebrate them at this time
with gratitude and thanks,
honor and respect to add
to those among the ranks!

America--so very blessed

due exploits of them all!
The world to also benefit
from them to heed the call!
So many are the ranks and branches
of this hero class;
so heartfelt, the emotion, thinking
of that fallen mass!

So very, very blessed, indeed,

for them that gave their all.
America is possible
'cause they obeyed the call!
We bow in silence for them and
we honor them today;
we pray for them, and we cry out

Those who gave all.  Think of them as you celebrate, and thank God that they were there to do what had to be done.


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