Friday, May 18, 2018

His Escape

The world and all that it has.  Sometimes, one just has to escape for awhile to get a more firm grasp...a new outlook.  But what if such attempts seem to fall short?

And if I cannot find escape

unto that healing place,
His love and grace, they seek me out
and I look in His face!

He loves me so much He provides
for what this life avails,
and even comes and takes me there
when my own wisdom fails!

For He is God!  He is my Father!
Yes!  He cares this much!
For every person, even YOU,
He has the perfect touch!
His love--it cannot be compared
because He is the same;
to know affection of this depth
just call His Holy Name!

Affection of such depth...but none be deeper than God's love for YOU!  Though I be a man full of words, there are not words yet known to properly describe how much He loves us!  What a wonderful Father is He!


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