Thursday, May 3, 2018

His Charisma

A long day.  Finally, a table all alone.  Though it is a busy place, I can't help notice another man at a table alone.  He's watching.  Folks are stopping now and then and talking and smiling with Him...

Sitting in a crowded room,

staring at a man;
noticing His eyes as they,
upon each person, scan...
noticing, in countenance,
the genuine concern;
love and good in everyone,
His very eyes, discern.
He glances so at everyone
as they go walking by.
At some of them, His very eyes
seem like they're going to cry!
I notice, though, with everyone
that stops and talks to Him,
in His face there's such concern
for every one of them!
In His eyes I see a love
that never could be feigned.
I've noticed it's a love that doesn't
have to be "obtained."
Just the very sight of Him
does make me warm inside;
and something inside me is crying
to be at His side!
I'm drawn to Him by that very
love He's showing all;
it seems as though His very Being,
unto mine, does call!

It's getting late.  The crowd's thinned out.
I must go see this Man!
There are so few left in the place
that, finally, I can;
and now I recognize Him as
We stand there, all alone,
as I feel, as He shakes my hand,
the nail-prints in His Own!

Ever been in a crowd and see someone and feel that you just must go try to meet them?  Don't ignore that!  The person just might have something to do with your whole life!

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