Monday, May 21, 2018

He knows you best!

LOOK!!  There He is!
There has been quite a few rumors going around that He was in the area...and there He is!

The Majesty upon display
as Jesus walks along!
Just the very sight of Him
becomes a precious song!
And as He casts His eyes this way
I can no longer speak!
At this, He smiles and reaches out
and says "You are unique!"
"I made you just the way you are;
I know what you have done;
I also know what you can do,
and you've already won!
Walk with me continually--
you have no cause to shirk;
there is so much we have to do--
all things, together, work!"

He smiles again, embracing me,

as He goes on His way.
For in His very countenance
is so much on display!
And that smile--unforgettable,
and etched upon my soul
as I continue on The Way
so wealthy, healed and whole!

And Jesus feels the same about even YOU!  He knows all that you've done and have been through...and He still loves you and wants your heart.  Don't let ANYTHING hold you back!


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